Research Your Way to Success: Session 4

About the Presenters

Dr. Shannon Freeman

Dr. Freeman is a member of AGEWELL: Canada’s technology and aging network focusing on innovative solutions to support healthy aging and is leading work examining clinical need for long-term care in rural and northern communities. She is working on developing a safe transition program for residents to return to community-based setting of care. This mixed methods project employs an integrated knowledge translation approach within a knowledge to action’ framework and is conducted in partnership with the Northern Health Authority. Dr. Freeman is also working on closing the gap between technology development and its implementation and sustained use, especially for older adults in rural and northern areas. To that end Dr. Freeman is establishing a Centre for Technology Adoption for Aging in the North – CTAAN – A collaborating center for innovations in technology development and implementation to support older adults in rural and northern communities, which will connect researchers and technology developers with healthcare systems decision-makers, leaders and care providers. Dr. Freeman’s work with CTAAN will focus on adapting, piloting, and implementing new and existing technology solutions tailored to address the challenges experienced by rural and northern communities Dr. Freeman also takes an active role in research focused on hospice palliative and end-of-life care and is a Director of the Prince George Hospice Society. Dr. Freeman has published 37 peer reviewed articles, co-edited a book, written 8 book chapters, and had an active role in the creation of the interRAI Palliative Care Clinical Assessment Protocols.

Alanna Koopmans

Alanna is a 4th year student majoring in Biomedical Studies in UNBC’s Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours program. Alanna’s honours thesis will be looking at the experiences of physical activity in people with Multiple Sclerosis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alanna has worked as the Patient Engagement Coordinator on the Patient Oriented Predictive Modelling of Healthcare Utilization (POPMHU) team, supervised by Dr. Shannon Freeman (UNBC) and Dr. Piper Jackson (TRU), since March 2020. Alanna completed an Undergraduate Research Experience with the UNBC site of the Dementia Inclusive Choices for Exercise (DICE) project under the guidance of Dr. Shannon Freeman and Dr. Chelsea Pelletier in the Winter 2020 term. Alanna has research interests in physical activity, health of rural and remote communities, aging, dementia, health across the lifespan and chronic disease.

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