As UNBC Research Ambassadors, we have been selected to promote and inspire research participation among UNBC students from all walks of life.

We are a diverse group of UNBC students who promote and inspire research excitement and involvement. Our goal is to support students in overcoming barriers to research involvement through facilitating (or creating) connections between students, mentors, networks, and research opportunities.

We invite you to connect with us on this platform so that we can support you in your path to research during and beyond your degree.

The purpose of this platform:

  • to utilize technology as a tool to encourage the brainstorming of your research ideas whether you are an on-campus or distance student;
  • to help coach you in application processes and connect you with research opportunities both on and off campus;
  • to provide an ease of access to our podcasts and blog posts;
  • to promote a lifetime of research participation and innovation; and
  • to encourage the growth of a healthy and respectful UNBC student online research community.